Terms and conditions

1. Mico Trade Edge Rewards Programme is open to trade account holders by invitation only from their local Mico Branch Manager or approved person.
2. Membership is open to individuals only.
3. By signing up for Mico Trade Edge Rewards Membership you consent to Mico and its agent(s) holding and using your information to conduct this programme and for future redemption and promotional purposes. You have the right to access and request correction of any personal information pursuant to the Privacy Act 2020.
4. Mico may amend these Mico Trade Edge terms and conditions at any time and members’ continued participation in this programme will constitute acceptance of any amended terms and conditions.
5. Members must meet the minimum spend requirement of $2,000 excluding GST, freight & sundry items in a calendar month to be eligible to earn points on that month’s purchases.
6. Points are earned per $100 (excluding GST) of spend with Mico. The amount of points allocated are based on each member’s earn rate. Mico reserves the right to adjust the earn rate at any time and without notice.
7. Points are only earned on purchases charged to the member’s nominated account.
8. Points will only be allocated for invoices paid by their due date where members are within their agreed trading terms.
9. Members trading account with Mico must be within Mico trading terms for a member to be eligible to receive any rewards or redeem points in the Mico Trade Edge Rewards programme.
10. Credits and refunds processed on a member’s trade account will reduce the payment amount and therefore the points balance.
11. Points are valid for 36 months. Any points remaining unused after this date will lapse.
12. Points will not be allocated for members outside their agreed trading terms. For the avoidance of
doubt any payment arrangements including but not limited to payment plans, members in debt hibernation or any form of creditors compromise or similar are outside trading terms and will not earn Points.
13. Further, Mico reserves the right to withhold, reduce and/or withdraw points should an account be outside the agreed trading terms at the time of redemption.
14. Points cannot be combined with anyone else’s points or sold, assigned or transferred.
15. Points cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash; to pay a member’s trade account; or to purchase illegal items and firearms or to pay for medical procedures.
16. Mico reserves the right to reduce or deduct any Points accrued by the member to set off any debts owed by that member to Mico or a Related Company of Mico.
17. Points are not owned by the member and can be cancelled at the sole discretion of Mico.
18. To redeem points, visit mico.co.nz/loyalty or call 0800 221 014. Rewards can only be redeemed by the named member under the Mico Trade Edge Rewards programme membership or the person formally nominated on the application form; or as advised in writing to Mico.
19. Members can choose to redeem points for products in our online shop, Gift Cards, travel or our tap into anything service.
20. Travel Rewards and Premium Rewards will be offered each year and consist of major overseas events. When a member finds an event, or experience they’re interested in, they can register their interest on the Mico Trade Edge Page at mico.co.nz/loyalty. Registering interest in a Travel Reward does not guarantee a member a place as this can only be done by booking.
21. If a member doesn’t quite have enough points to pay for a reward, they can top it up with a credit card payment.
22. Rewards are subject to availability. Mico will not be liable for any reward not being available and reserves the right to substitute any Travel Reward of equivalent nature in the event a Travel Reward in the planner becomes unavailable for reasons beyond Mico’s or its agent’s reasonable control. All travel package costs are subject to any general fare increase and/or currency fluctuations, which will be advised at the time of booking.
23. Online shop redemptions cannot be replaced or refunded.
24. Additional terms for redemption (including travel) may apply.
25. Please allow up to 21 days for delivery of your chosen rewards.
26. Any cancellations by a member without reasonable cause will result in the deduction of points necessary to reimburse Mico or its agent for any costs incurred.
27. The number of points required for redemption may change at any time and without notice.
28. Mico reserves the right to include courier or other delivery fees at its discretion.
29. Taxes or other charges incurred by claiming rewards are the member’s responsibility.
30. Trade Edge Rewards members will automatically be assigned a member level, based on their annual spend with Mico. Members will qualify for Mico Blue, Mico Silver, Mico Gold or Mico Platinum based on the spend tier below. Mico may vary the requirements for achieving each benefit level from time to time, acting reasonably.
Mico Blue – Spend less than $50,000 per annum
Mico Silver – Spend over $50,000 per annum
Mico Gold – Spend over $150,000 per annum
Mico Platinum – Spend over $500,000 per annum
31. Trade Edge Rewards members with Mico Silver, Mico Gold and Mico Platinum status are entitled to additional rewards with Mico. Login to our member website mico.co.nz/loyalty for a full list of these benefits.
32. Silver, Gold or Platinum level status will be valid for a 12-month period starting from the date a member’s status level becomes effective. However, if during the 12-month period, a member qualifies for a higher status level, Mico will automatically change the tier level to the higher tier level. The new higher tier level will then become valid for 12 months.
33. Mico will review a member’s eligibility for qualification or re-qualification of level status at the end of every 12-month qualification / re-qualification period.
34. Some members will be invited to achieve a higher earn rate, based on target spend with Mico.
35. To receive the higher earn rate offered by Mico, members must spend the specified amount at Mico, during the timeframe set. All payments must also be in terms.
36. Failure to reach this target spend will forfeit any right to additional points.
37. All target spend requirements are excluding GST.
38. Members must notify Mico of any change in circumstances, (e.g. address), which may affect the accuracy of the information provided by a member to Mico. Members can do this by one of the following:
Emailing tradeedge@mico.co.nz
Writing to Mico Trade Edge, PO Box 4641, Christchurch.
Calling 0800 221 014, Option 2
39. Mico will endeavour to ensure all customer information held is correct, however, Mico is not responsible for any losses which may result from incorrect customer information within the database.
40. Security of personal passwords is the responsibility of the person to whom they are issued. Neither Mico nor its contractors accept any responsibility for the loss and/or disclosure and/or misuse of these passwords and any resultant claims or loss or damage. If a member closes their nominated account with Mico, the member may redeem any accumulated Mico Trade Edge Rewards Points within 90 days of the account closure provided that the member is within trading terms and pays all balances by the date of closure of the account.
41. Mico reserves the right to terminate membership of the programme, without notice and for any reason. Mico reserves the right to suspend, modify, alter or terminate Mico Trade Edge Rewards programme (including the terms and conditions of the programme and membership) at any time, for whatever reason with or without notice and excludes any and all liability for any resulting loss of rewards or benefits should this occur.
42. Participation in the Mico Trade Edge Rewards programme by a member constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions and Mico Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale available at www.mico.co.nz.
43. If a member does not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, a member may cancel their membership at any time. Mico is not liable for any failure to notify members of any changes in these terms and conditions.
44. Mico excludes liability to a member or any other person for any loss, costs, damages or injury to property or persons resulting from any defect or deficiency in any goods or services supplied as rewards under the Mico Trade Edge Rewards Programme, except to the maximum extent permitted by law. In the event of any dispute, the decision of Mico will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.
45. Mico means Mico New Zealand Limited.
1.1. Mico may at any time collect, hold and use Customers’ personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 and Mico Privacy Policy, which is available at www.mico.co.nz/privacy-policy/. This clause summarises key information in Mico Privacy Policy. Mico may update its Privacy Policy from time to time by publishing the updated Privacy Policy on its website. Any changes apply to all personal information collected before and after the publication date.

1.2. The Customer is not required to provide Mico with any personal information that Mico requests. However, if the Customer does not provide the requested information, Mico may not be able to provide certain services to the Customer.

1.3. Mico will only collect personal information for a purpose connected with its business including (but not limited to):
1.3.1. marketing and promotions (unless you unsubscribe),
1.3.2. data and analytics,

1.3.3. addressing complaints,

1.3.4. debt recovery,

1.3.5. credit assessment, and

1.3.6. to administer the Mico Trade Edge programme.

1.4. Generally, Mico collects personal information directly from Customers. Mico may also collect personal information about a Customer from a third party if the Customer has authorised them to provide, or authorised Mico to collect, that information. Mico may collect personal information from, and share personal information with, any person Mico considers appropriate for the purposes set out in Mico Privacy Policy. This may include Mico Related Companies, trade referees, marketing and analytics agencies and other third parties.
1.5. Mico may use the services of credit reporting and debt collection agencies on an ongoing basis. Mico may disclose the Customer’s credit information (including default and repayment history information) to credit reporters and debt collectors, who may hold that information on their systems and use it to provide their credit reporting and debt collection services.
1.6. Personal information collected by Mico is held by Mico at 58 Hazeldean Road, Christchurch or on our behalf. Some information may also be stored in “the cloud” in secure databases on Mico behalf by third parties based overseas. The use of these services, and the transfer of personal information overseas (if applicable) will not relieve Mico of its obligations under the Privacy Act 2020 or Mico Privacy Policy.

1.7. The Customer can request access to (and request correction of) their personal information by contacting: The Privacy Officer Mico Limited address [email] Private Bag 92114, Auckland 1142. Alternatively, the Customer can email Mico at FBPrivacy@Mico.com or call +64 (09) 525 9000.

If the Customer provides Mico with personal information about another person, the Customer confirms that that person has authorised the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information in accordance with this clause and has been informed of their rights to access and request correction of their personal information.